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The Internet Mapped as Manhattan Neighborhoods

Amanda Peyton, the creator of social messaging service MessageParty, has posted this intriguing image of the web, re-imagined as neighborhoods of Manhattan. She took her inspiration, she says, from the East Coast origins of many of the services, along with what she sees as a New Yorks mindset to services like Twitter.  On her blog, Peyton discusses her reasoning behind the placement:

Twitter + Wall Street: Frenetic, Jumbled, Terse, but incredibly powerful

Tumblr + West Village and Meatpacking: Coolness to a fault

Email + Chelsea and Times Square: Large, unmanageable, swelling, but ultimately the pulse of everything

Facebook + Upper East Side: The center of the “establishment”

Hacker News + Spanish Harlem: Steadfast, growing like a weed though few people notice, culture-rich but somewhat insulated

The full list can be found on her site, but it leaves one question unanswered: what is Central Park? In my mind, the beautiful and massive anchor to the city could be Google, or some other essential service. Readers, what do you think?

(Amanda Peyton via Beta Beat)

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