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Rad Concept Art Re-Designs of Maleficent (And Also Kitty Pride) Show Us What Could Have Been

Oh dear, what an awesome situation.

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Conceptual artists Jerad S. Marantz and Kelton Cram have two things in common: they both worked on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and they both really enjoy drawing Angelina Jolie with various types of badass horns on her head. You’re going to want to see this, because as gorgeous as Maleficent looked in the Disney film, we simply cannot get enough of lady horns.

Marantz also thought up some pretty cool concept designs for X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s Kitty Pride as played by Ellen Page, which we’ve included in the gallery. They remind us a lot of these rad alternate costume designs by Philip Boutte Jr. that depict Juiblee, Bishop, and other characters from the film. Also, Kitty kind of looks like an Assassin’s Creed character with that hood up. You know, if Ubisoft could handle that kind of designing. TOPICAL JOKES!

(via Comic Book Movie here and here)

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