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Make Faces With Miku in Real-Time With a PC and a PlayStation Eye

Software developed by a group from Keio University lets you control your avatar in real time! Using little more than a standard PC and a PlayStation Eye, it actually does a pretty good job once you get over the lol-guy-doing-stuff-with-Miku thing.

Face-tracking does sound like old news, but this much accuracy with this much speed? This is awesome. Using relatively low-cost tech to produce this level of quality could mean rapid and widespread adoption. And we all know what that means.


What would the internet do if it had access to software that can translate movements in real time to a fully customizable online avatar? Say hello to Move-like games for the PC, finally. Intensely personal PvP in MMORPGs. More Second Life concerts. A flood of homebrewed animation on YouTube. A less creepy (?) Chatroulette. A weird new video chat software where everyone looks perfect. Many, many things.

How can no one want this?

(diginfo via Anime News Network)

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