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Here’s a Big Hint That Maisie Williams Will Play Wolfsbane in New Mutants


There’s no official cast list released for 20th Century Fox’s New Mutants movie. There are only rumors–such as the rumor that James McAvoy has agreed to reprise his role as Professor X, which seems extremely likely to be true. However, we don’t yet know who will be playing any of the roles on the core team of titular mutants, which in all likelihood will be made up of Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Karma, Moonstar, and Sunspot.

We do have a pretty darn big hint that Maisie Williams will be playing the role of Wolfsbane, though, due in part to this cryptic tweet from the movie’s writer and director, Josh Boone. Williams has been rumored to be a part of this project, and specifically rumored to be playing Wolfsbane, for many months now–so this tweet would be a very cruel joke for Josh Boone to play if it didn’t turn out to be true!

The tweet depicts an artistic rendering of Maisie Williams wearing a Wolfsbane costume and makeup. It appears to be a commissioned piece of concept art created for the film. The artist behind the piece, Ashley R. Guillory, posted the image on her personal Tumblr with the caption, “Maisie Williams is going to be Wolfsbane.” She also tagged her post with the phrase “art i drew for a movie,” suggesting that she was hired to create concept art for the New Mutants franchise. The post hasn’t been taken down yet, and Josh Boone’s tweet remains intact, so perhaps we can go ahead and consider this an official announcement?

That said, there’s been no official word from 20th Century Fox yet, and of course we don’t know anything about any of the other characters or casting choices in the movie. Still, it seems fair to go ahead and get excited about the prospect of seeing Maisie Williams playing the iconic role of Rahne Sinclair!

(via /Film, featured image via Suzi Pratt/Flickr)

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