Magnetic Silly Putty: This Is a Thing

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Vat19, purveyors of “curiously awesome” products, have outcurioused and outawesomed themselves with this one: For a mere $13.50, you can buy a handy 3.2 ounce blob of magnetic Silly Putty. And they’ll even throw in a powerful neodymium iron boron magnet, for added rare-earth magnetic fun! The magnetic Putty is loaded with “millions of tiny micron-sized magnets” which give it its unusual properties. Inb4 Insane Clown Posse reference.

This stuff looks really, really freaky in action. Demo videos below:

Time-lapse video of magnetic Silly Putty swallowing its magnetic companion:

Two Putties, one cube:

Putty attracted to a magnet:

(Vat19 via Geekologie via Topless Robot)

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