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#ComeAgain? The New Magic Mike XXL Trailer is Here, and It’s All I Need in This World

I'll be in my bunk.

If there’s a hill I intend to die on as a feminist blogger, it’s the sturdy knoll of Channing “I’m-just-rocking-pensively-on-this-beach-swing-and-waiting-for-you to-join-me” Tatum’s titular XXL parts and my right to celebrate them.

The Magic Mike franchise subverts the male gaze in a way we don’t often see in movies, and considering XXL‘s cast (Andie MacDowell? Jada Pinkett Smith?!) I’m going to defend my right to hype this movie and its near-Shakespearean commitment to dick jokes as long as my body has breath.

Boner bonus: here’s an official poster of Channing Tatum doing some sort of sexy grapevining Asterix and Obelix pose!


Assuming this move is just anarchy from the waist down.

(via ScreenRant)

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