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I Firmly Believe That Lucifer Is a Scorpio

LUCIFER - tom ellis as a sexy devil

The devil is a Scorpio. Just putting it out there. Now, yes, part of this comes from me currently watching Lucifer as my pandemic entertainment (I’m in season 3) and discovering that star Tom Ellis himself is one of my Scorpio brethren (Ellis has a November 17th birthday), but before I even bothered looking up the new love of my life’s birthday (that’s the point right? That we all fall in love with Tom Ellis?), I tried to figure out whether or not Lucifer had an astrological sign.

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That’s mainly because the ideas behind Satan are not that of death and destruction. Instead, the Devil wants people to pay for what they’ve done. So … you know, a Scorpio.

We, as a society, have changed how we view the Devil. Back when my grandparents were my age, the idea of looking to Satan and understanding where he was coming from would be taboo. They probably are in the afterlife yelling at me right now for even wanting to write this, but alas, I know I’m right. (And also, they probably would watch Lucifer and be in the same boat I am, Catholicism be damned.)

Think about it this way: Satan is a fallen angel who was banished because he questioned the teachings of God. He didn’t want to subscribe to everything that God preached to his followers, and it resulted in him banishing Lucifer. And if you then look at that same story through the lens of how a Scorpio would react to someone telling them that they had to do exactly as someone else said without question? It’s going to pretty much play out the same way.

Again, this is most definitely because I’m in the middle of watching Lucifer and Tom Ellis is a Scorpio. But at least I know for a fact that this fictional telling of the Devil acts and views people in the same way most Scorpios do. We are a dedicated type of people. If you’re on our good side, we’ll do anything and everything for you (e.g. Lucifer with Chloe).

But if you turn on us and use us? Well, that’s not something we easily forget or forgive (e.g. Lucifer with his entire family). We also never forget. Anything.

As Lucifer himself also says, he’s not evil. He punishes evil. And, in a lot of ways, that is what a Scorpio does. We don’t hurt people, we don’t want to be evil, but if we think that you did something wrong or that you’ve done something evil? Well, let’s just say that we won’t let you forget it.

lucifer screengrab

So, maybe it’s Tom Ellis or maybe it is just in the context of Netflix’s Lucifer, but whatever the case may be, I’m going to go ahead and say that Lucifer is a Scorpio, and I’ll gladly welcome him.

(image: John P. Fleenor/Netflix)

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