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Olympian Lolo Jones Outdid Everyone in Handstand Challenge, With Style—and Wine

Lolo Jones

It’s not just a boy’s world out there in the art of putting your shirt on while doing a handstand. In fact, the boys have been outshone. When Tom Holland posed the idea of a handstand challenge, we all wondered just how bored he actually was. The challenge was just to take your shirt off, do a handstand, and then try to put your shirt back on … while in a handstand.

Holland struggled, Ryan Reynolds said no, Jake Gyllenhaal did it looking like the man you would gladly let ghost you, and then Maggie Gyllenhaal did it with ease. While amazing on every front, no one has yet held a candle to the Olympian Lolo Jones.

She saw their one shirt challenge and thought, Great, let’s add some and I’ll do this while I drink some wine. I don’t know if I want Lolo Jones to be my best friend or be Spider-Gwen. Both … it’s both.

First, thank you for also being the person who thanks Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal for being shirtless. These are trying times. Secondly, how is this so easy for her!? Is this going to be a new Olympic event? Just putting on as many shirts as possible while doing a handstand? Extra points if you’re also drinking while doing so? Honestly, sounds like a great one.

I truly wish I could figure out what made this trend start or why all these very strong celebrities are doing it and making it look easy. Should I try it? Probably not. I really don’t want to end up in an emergency room because I fell on my head, but if I looked as cool as Lolo Jones does while just CASUALLY putting on multiple shirts and showing the boys up? I would gladly do it.

(image: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

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