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The Internet Will Only Accept The Bodyguard Remake If It’s Lizzo and Chris Evans

Chris Evans and Lizzo in press photos.

The Bodyguard is an iconic film that is getting a remake no one seemed to ask for. That being said, the internet collectively agreed that the one version of a remake we’d accept is if Lizzo and Chris Evans got to star in it. Thanks to Lizzo’s TikTok account, we’ve seen firsthand how her quest to fall in love with Chris Evans has been going, and their fun banter back and forth has warmed our hearts to their internet love story.

While we don’t need a remake of this movie at all and the original should stay as it is, this is the only version I would accept. It’s the perfect combination of internet bit turned into a remake, and having a powerhouse like Lizzo playing a role like Rachel Marron, with Chris Evans laying down his life to protect her, is about the only way you would get me to see a remake.

And it seems as if the internet agrees. The replies to the announcement are a lot of “NO” or “please stop” responses, but then for every “no,” there is a “Hear me out” featuring Lizzo and Chris Evans, and suddenly this remake doesn’t seem that bad.

Lizzo is clearly on board. In fact, she seems to have the same mindset we all do. A remake? No thanks. A remake starring Lizzo and Chris Evans? We’re all listening. And so is Lizzo.

@lizzoWhat y’all think? 😏♬ original sound – berlinXchiaki

So Chris, you in? Are you ready to take on the iconic Kevin Costner role so Lizzo can live her dream and we can all benefit from the rewards? Because we need this to happen now. Otherwise, they can keep this remake of The Bodyguard. That’s the internet’s ultimatum if we don’t get what we want.

(image: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images/Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

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