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Her Resignation Might Not Be the Wildest Thing You Hear About Liz Truss Today— How About the Rumor That She’s a Collared Submissive?

What a timeline the UK is living in

A close-up of Liz Truss smirking

Liz Truss has just become the shortest-serving Prime Minister in British history, with her resignation on October 20th coming just forty-four days after she took up the job. Considering that the first major event of her premiership was the death of the United Kingdom’s longest-lived monarch, the whole thing didn’t start under the most auspicious of signs.

The issue that led to Truss’s resignation was, as CNBC puts it, “a failed tax-cutting budget that rocked financial markets and which led to a revolt within her own Conservative Party.” However, the fact that Truss has put the United Kingdom right on track to steal Italy’s title as “CEO of Can’t-Close-Your-Eyes-For-Five-Minutes-And-Another-Government-Has-Fallen” might not be the most shocking thing you hear about her today.

So let’s talk about the rumour spreading like wildfire on social media that she’s a collared submissive.

People in the BDSM community often fall under either the dominant or submissive categories—and it’s not unusual for those in the latter to wear a collar to show their submissive status, both as a part of kink play when with a dominant partner, and in everyday life. 

Now, while they might come in a variety of designs and colours, collars are generally a pretty conspicuous accessory, one that would get immediately noticed if it were around the neck of a government leader who’s under media scrutiny every minute of every day. And so this is where the O-ring necklaces come in. 

You see, it’s clear that Truss loves one particular style of necklace, which has by now become her signature jewellery piece. A simple circle pendant, of which the ex-Prime Minister owns several designs— she’s seen wearing one piece from her collection pretty much every time she appears in public.

And this is where the rumour was born. People active in the kink community immediately clocked the necklace as a possible day collar, which is a more discreet version of a collar that lets submissive people subtly display their sub status when they’re going about their daily life. A couple of tweets and there you have it—a perfectly crafted conspiracy about the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom being a 24/7 collared submissive. Well, it’s ex-Prime Minister now, but the rumour started spreading while she was still occupying the offices at 10 Downing Street.

As The Tab puts it, one might argue that this conspiracy is in the national interest, since people would have the right to know “who pulls the strings” if the Prime Minister were a submissive. She would have to submit to someone, right? Still, like most wild Internet rumours, that’s all this is—a rumour, one that has already been debunked and that should remain as fun meme fodder in memory of a particularly interesting time in the United Kingdom.

(source: The Tab; image: Getty Images)

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