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This Baywatch Trailer Makes the Movie Feel Like the 21 Jump Street Movie, and That’s Totally Cool

Just pretend you're reading this in slow motion.


It just seems like Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron were made to co-star in Baywatch together, right?

I mean, you’ve got Johnson as Mitch Buchanan (I kid you not), who’s proven that he’s full of some solid comedic chops, and Efron as Matt Brody (yep), who’s certainly outgrown his Disney Channel heritage to become someone who’s also got some surprisingly solid comedy skills himself. Oh, and they’re both ripped. Like, really ripped. That’s a requirement at Baywatch, apparently, and it absolutely, positively shows here in this trailer.

The trailer’s filled with some pretty funny moments, and ultimately proves to be pretty enticing. The very 21 Jump Street-esque premise should serve them well here, I think. It’s very reminiscent of classic, campy buddy-cop action flicks, with Johnson playing the strait-laced longtime veteran cop lifeguard, and Efron as the hotshot younger rookie brought in to basically help rehabilitate Baywatch’s image.

Together they tackle a case that’s obviously better left to the actual police but hey, since this is Baywatch, and if your Baywatch has lifeguards like Mitch, Matt, and Summer Quinn (Alexandra Daddario), then you may as well just let ’em deal with it, cause they’ll find a way to wreck your investigation anyway.

I can appreciate that the movie’s willing to poke fun at its more cheesy, problematic parts (“Why does it always look like she’s running in slow motion?” “You can see that, too?”), but there was a tiny smash cut that bothered me just a little bit. There’s a part of the trailer that jumps between a bunch of different sight gags, and one part shows Johnson dressed as a chef and Efron wearing makeup with an oversized hat and long haired wig. Obviously there’s no context as to what’s going on there. And while I’m willing to offer Johnson the benefit of the doubt (especially considering how reception to Karen Gillan’s costume in Jumanji has shaken out), I still feel the need to say I’m just really tired of man-in-a-dress jokes. Sometimes they might work (I haven’t really seen it yet), but the chances of such a joke working out have been, in the past, very slim.

That being said, I’m probably still going to check out the movie because I’m very curious about the rest of it. I just certainly felt the need to point that out.

What about you, though? Will you be checking out Baywatch?


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