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Things We Saw Today: Internet Throws Fit Over Sold Out Lightning McQueen Crocs

Plus Texas, Trollhunters, and more!

lightning mcqueen

Every day, the internet is melting down about something. Whether it’s politics or technology or the Oscars, folks are guaranteed to have big feelings regarding whatever topic is trending. But sometimes, the thing that sets us off truly boggles the mind. Case in point: a pair of red Crocs inspired by Cars main character Lightning McQueen. The Disney and Pixar Lightning McQueen clogs sold out almost instantly as soon as they went live on the Crocs site.

I completely understand the competition around highly desirable kids toys and accessories which fuels the holiday season shopping rush. But these are Crocs for adults. For ADULTS. A swath of the country so desperate to wear cartoon-inspired Crocs that they sold out immediately. And folks are NOT.HAVING.IT.

People are mad because, like so many limited-edition releases, these Crocs have been snapped up by bots and resellers looking to jack up prices on eBay. But again, I feel like I cannot emphasize enough that these are Lightning McQueen Crocs for adults. I know it’s been a tough 14 months, but we are better than this. Aren’t we?

I mean, has there ever been a less cool combination than Crocs and the characters from the Cars franchise? These shoes and this entire situation is clownery personified. Look, live your life, dance like no one’s watching, etc. But if you’re an adult who is legitimately butthurt about not getting Cars, I kindly invite you to get a grip. There are worse things.

lighting mcqueen

(image: Crocs)

Here are some other stories that we saw today:

  • The COVID crisis in India is at catastrophic levels. (via The New York Times)
  • Yabba Dabba Don’t: Elizabeth Banks signs on for a Flintstones sequel series. (via Vulture)
  • Universal is working on a reboot of The Borrowers. (via Deadline)
  • Relax James Carville, we have plenty of problems but “wokeness” isn’t one of them. (via Vox)
  • Trollhunters returns with Rise of the Titans!

  • These small Texas towns are passing harsh anti-abortion laws. (via The Guardian)
  • The CDC eases mask guidelines for vaccinated people, as if you needed another reason to get vaccinated. (via CNN)
  • Those Chadwick Boseman NFTs for the Oscars were always a bad idea. (via Pajiba)
  • Bird Twitter always delivers:

Happy Tuesday! What did you see today?

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