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Man Struck By Lightning Stands Up, Dusts Off, Walks On [Video]

While crossing a road, one very lucky (or very unlucky) gentleman is suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning. Seconds later, he stands up and seems completely unphased by his experience. He likely came out better than the fellow in another lightning strike video making the rounds these days, who appears to be struck twice within seconds.

Considering a human population in excess of six billion, an average of 100 lightning strikes per second world wide, and the ubiquity of digital recording devices, these videos could very well be legitimate. But as with most things dredged out of the bowels of the Internet, we can’t positively verify their authenticity. Let us know your thoughts, and in the meantime I’ll be standing outside with a metal pole trying to recreate these farfetched scenarios, in the name of journalism.

(via Daily Picks and Flicks)

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