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Trump Is Just Claiming Things as His Own on Twitter So the Internet Claimed Oscar Isaac

Donald Trump is not taking his potential election loss well. Not only has he continued to double down on lies, saying that this election was stolen from him despite the fact that Republicans put in so many roadblocks to stop people from voting. Last night though, it was taken to a new level when Trump decided to just tweet out that he “claimed” four states.

Now, not only is that terrifying, but it’s also just incorrect. Throughout this entire election, Donald Trump has been trying his best to stop mail-in ballots from happening, despite there being a global pandemic, because he knew that it would lean more Democratic.

Mike Schur explained this latest Trump tactic better than I could by using the scene from The Office where Michael Scott just “declares” bankruptcy and everyone has to tell him that that isn’t how it works.

So, as things tend to in 2020, Trump’s claim instantly became a meme. But what was especially hilarious, as I claimed Baby Yoda and a Sebastian Stan photoshoot myself, was the majority of the internet coming together to claim Oscar Isaac as their own, and honestly, love that for us all.

Is our collective love over Oscar Isaac the one thing that can unite us all? Probably. I would definitely agree to a world where we all just talked about our love of Oscar Isaac.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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