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Lena Dunham To Write Archie Comic With An Emphasis On Feminism, Bring Reality TV To Riverdale

Archie is such a Hannah.

Last night Lena Dunham appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and revealed that she’ll be using her expertise as a lifelong Archie nerd to write a comic with a strong feminist voice. We’d heard about the comic before, but the explicit focus on feminism is news. “I love Archie, but going back and reading it, I would say that the values system of the Archies that I read as a child is slightly off from my own,” explained Dunham.

Riverdale has changed so much in the past few years that hopefully Dunham will find the comic’s values are more progressive than she remembers–regardless, I’m definitely interested in how her distinct voice will modernize the gang. Are you guys excited to see what the Girls creator brings to the table?

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