Peter Parker (Tom Holland) reflects in a quiet moment from the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer.

Leaked Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer Just Shows More Pain for Peter Parker

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A potential Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has leaked, and let me tell you, I cried over Happy Hogan, a thing I never thought possible. While clearly filmed in a cinema, this is a trailer that hasn’t ventured to any official YouTube channel as of yet.

We’ve been getting more and more footage from the latest Spider-Man film as we get closer to its release, but for quite a while, we knew nothing about Far From Home. Now, we know that it takes place after Endgame, that Peter Parker feels the need to replace the idea of Iron Man in the world, and that he just wants to enjoy his trip with MJ and his friends in Europe (that is, until Nick Fury comes along). But this new trailer shows us a lot more of Hogan’s involvement, as well as the extent of Nick Fury hijacking Peter’s trip.

So where is it, Marvel? I have a lot of gifs to make!

There are a few things to note in this trailer, the big one being the confirmation of Happy Hogan sharing Tony Stark’s lab with Peter Parker. The moment that made me cry was Happy’s willingness to be there for Peter. As we saw in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Happy doesn’t have the same affinity for adopting children to care for as Tony does. All of his protégés end up as Happy’s responsibility, and with Peter, he’s particularly exasperated.

So now, to see Happy willing to help Peter and be there for him is heartwarming because, like Peter Parker, Happy’s doing what Tony would have wanted. Spider-Man: Far From Home is maybe going to destroy the little bit of my heart that was left after Avengers: Endgame, and that’s fine. That’s cool. Whatever, Marvel.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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