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Glee‘s Lauren Potter Stars In World Down Syndrome Day Video With a Message Worth Hearing Every Day


Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day, and to mark the occasion the Italian advocacy organization CoorDown teamed with other Down syndrome organizations to produce an awesome (and hilarious) video starring Glee‘s Lauren Potter.

You might best know actress Lauren Potter from her role as Becky on that Fox music-fest. However, the charismatic Potter is also a fierce advocate for the disabled community, specifically for those who, like her, have Down syndrome. In addition to using her celebrity to advocate through media, her advocacy also extends to legislation and policy.

Back in 2011, President Obama appointed her to the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, where she advised the White House on issues related to that community. She periodically met with the 21-member committee and 13 U.S. government staff members throughout the year to discuss a variety of issues affecting those with disabilities including such concerns as education and workplace integration.

In the video above, she stars alongside other actors with Down syndrome to get across the message that the term “special needs” isn’t really a useful euphemism. After all, things like jobs, education, opportunities, and kindness aren’t special needs. They’re just human ones. The video also features a special appearance from actor John C. McGinley (Scrubs, Office Space), whose son has Down syndrome.

We may have missed posting this yesterday, but this is certainly a message that’s worth thinking about every day.

(via The Establishment, featured image via screenshot)

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