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Laura Ingraham Mocks January 6 Riot Testimony as “Performance” and Shows How Low She Can Go

I shouldn't be shocked, but I am.

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham mocking Januaru 6 insurrection testimony on The Ingraham Angle.

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham really is trying to one-up her network as a whole and earn the spot for Most Garbage Person 2021. Seriously, her mocking of testimony before the House select committee on the January 6 insurrection, which broke down the domestic terrorist attack on our nation’s Capitol, just proves how low she can go. Because these aren’t people giving testimony for funsies or because they’re there to back the Democrats. No, these are human beings who stood their ground in front of racist, bigoted, and ignorant Trump supporters who wanted to overturn a legal election.

During The Ingraham Angle, she went on to mock the police officers who testified on the first day of hearings for the January 6 riot Congressional select committee investigation. She had her team put together a mock-up of condescending trophies that she was awarding the officers who testified. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn was given the “best political performance” and officer Michael Fanone was given “best action performance,” ignoring their hard-hitting testimony and once again demonstrating that Fox News hosts’ supposed support for police is nothing more than political posturing.

Where are Republicans when it comes to this testimony and the mocking that they are getting from Fox News’ Laura Ingraham? Oh, they’re there. They’re just ignoring what these officers have to say and the vast video evidence that is irrefutable. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative and they don’t want to rock the Republican boat and make themselves outsiders. They also worry about elections being on the horizon and fear their bigoted and racist supporters tossing them away like nothing. So, they become complicit in a lie perpetuated by those who think Donald Trump is still president.

This is extremely dangerous. This is an official investigation by the U.S. Government about the January 6 insurrection, and instead of joining together as one and calling out this out for the attempted coup that it was, we’ve got conservative politicians and political pundits defending it.

And while we’re no fans of cops around here, it’s hypocritical AF to yell “Blue lives matter” at one moment—when, notably, the cops are the ones instigating the violence—and then turn around and abandon that the second it becomes politically convenient to do so.

We’ve had countless protests for racial justice where hordes of militarized police officers needlessly attacked peaceful protesters while conservatives raved about supposed violent mobs and riots, and now that they’re confronted with a very real attack on democracy by a violent mob, with the few officers who were there overwhelmed and attacked, they’re turning their backs because people on their own political team were the perpetrators. That’s why the mocking of Dunn and Fanone boggles the mind. They protected the Republican politicians who are now claiming the violence Dunn and Fanone experienced is all a lie. And that’s got to feel like a punch to the throat.

But people like Ingraham are not going to change the minds of those with common sense and the ability to process evidence as proof of what actually happened that day.

And of course, Twitter dragged Laura Ingraham for filth, and it was *chef’s kiss*:

(image: Fox News screenshot)

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