Last Week Tonight Shares Their Most Absurd Unused Graphics, and One Even Weirder Real Picture

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On weekends where Last Week Tonight is on break, the show will sometimes release a silly or fun web exclusive to appease fans. One reoccurring series is “Lost Graphics” where host John Oliver shares some of the most ridiculous graphics that never made it on the show. Last Week Tonight has some of the best and strangest photoshopped images to accompany Oliver’s monologues, so it’s no surprise that their graphics graveyard is full of gems.

This week’s “Lost Graphics” includes treasures that could have come right out of a Mad Libs, and it’s even funnier completely absent of context. The graphics include:

  • Salmon sitting in makeup chair
  • Dog condoms (“Ruff Riders”)
  • Journalist squirrel (“His name is obviously Edward R. Burrow because he digs deep whether he’s investigating a story or burying a little nut with his tiny small hands”)
  • Red panda feasting on host John Olivers internal organs
  • Ivanka Trump as the mother from Get Out (“It looks eerily real, because it’s depressingly plausible.”)
  • Hockey-playing badgers from Minnesota
  • Woman holding her newborn watermelon
  • “Disgruntled, parrot-like creature”
  • Civil war soldier pegging a racist unicorn while Abraham Lincoln watches and gives a thumbs up

The final image, that of Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s lap while he’s dressed like Santa, is about as absurd as weird as the others. However, it’s real. “I just thought it was important to remind you”, says Oliver, “magic exists!”

Last Week Tonight returns July 29th. What was your favorite graphic?

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