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Best Podcast The Last Podcast on the Left Is Making a Foray into DC Horror Comics

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The folks behind The Last Podcast on the Left—aka my very favorite podcast, aka the only podcast that I listen to on the regular—are merging with my other favorite thing, the wild world of comic books. A DC Comics six-issue series is on its way this October from Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski, and Ben Kissel, called DC Horror Presents: Soul Plumber.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Last Podcast on the Leftit’s a long-running show that covers a range of fascinating topics, from aliens and serial killers to cults, magicians, and a certain talkative spectral mongoose. They’re currently wrapping up a five-part episode run on the history of the Black Death, which feels all too relevant!

The impeccably researched podcast features the hosts’ jokes and banter, creating an atmosphere that makes you feel like they’re your weird stoned but cool friends who are always talking about conspiracy theories at parties. The considerable fanbase that follows The Last Podcast on the Left allowed the trio to launch their own network of podcasts, as well as sold-out live tours, a best-selling book, and most recently, a venture into branded legal marijuana. This is all to say, you should be listening to LPOTL, and their expanding interests and opportunities in other markets were only a matter of time.

Since Marcus, Henry, and Ben are big horror movie buffs and specialize in all things strange, their working with DC’s expanded horror imprint seems like a great fit. Soul Plumber “dives deep into the sewers of the human soul—also, there are demons,” or so goes the tagline. Here’s the central premise courtesy of DC:

Edgar Wiggins, a disgraced former seminary student, is desperate to find a way to answer what he believes is his higher calling. He thinks he’s found it in a seminar hosted in a hotel conference room by the Soul Plumbers, who have a machine that could be the secret to delivering souls from Satan. Edgar’s too broke to buy in, but that’s not enough to stop this true devotee: he steals the blueprints and builds a pirated version with what components he can afford on his gas station attendant salary. Then he goes after a demon, misses… and ends up pulling out something much worse.

Last Podcast on the Left DC Comics art by John McCrea

The evocative comics and cover art is by John McCrea, and I have to ask … are those characters meant to resemble a variant of Marcus and maybe a freakish amalgamation of Henry and Ben? You love to see it.

DC sourced some quotes from the men who are cooking up this “gross” sewer and Satan-filled graphic adventure:

“My first comic book was Swamp Thing #32 when I was five years old,” said writer Marcus Parks. “So doing a gross, weird horror comic with DC, featuring art by John McCrea no less, is beyond my wildest fantasies.”

Writer Henry Zebrowski added, “My mom showed me a homework assignment I did in the first grade that asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up,’ and I wrote comic book writer. This is a dream come true and I can’t wait for you to see the gross story we are telling with DC.”

We can’t wait, either, Henry! I’m usually not the audience for primarily horror-themed titles, but I’ll be checking out this series when the first issue goes on sale October 5th, 2021.

Here’s some more essential info from DC:

SOUL PLUMBERS marks the second title in the DC HORROR imprint. “We want to create great stories for people to read, that are scary, creepy, and fun for fans of horror whether or not they’re already comics readers,” said DC Horror editor Katie Kubert. “We’re building on the legacy from classics like House of Secrets with something that’s gross, and scary, and just fantastic.”

With gorgeous art by John McCrea (Hitman; Judge Dredd), SOUL PLUMBER is a hilarious, horrifying roller coaster ride for fans of comics, fans of horror, and fans of horror comics (Tales from the Crypt fans, come on down!). Issue #1 will be available wherever comics are sold on October 5, and digitally on the same day for DC UNIVERSE INFINITE SUBSCRIBERS at In keeping with the Comics Code Authority, this one’s not for the kids and has an age rating of 17+.

Story by Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski, and Ben Kissel
Art by John McCrea
Cover by John McCrea
$3.99 US | 32 Page | 1 of 6
Open Order variant cover by Tom Neeley
1:25 variant by Riley Rossmo
$4.99 US (Card stock)
On Sale 10/5/21

Mazel and megustalations on this one, guys.

(images: DC Comics)

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