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Today’s Your Last Chance to Legally Watch Chris Hadfield’s “Space Oddity” Cover

And there's nothing we can do.

Back when Chris Hadfield first uploaded his “Space Oddity” cover to YouTube, he made sure to get express permission from David Bowie, because he’s a swell guy like that. Unfortunately, that permission has run out today, so over 22 million views later, Major Tom’s circuits are finally going dead.

The video was recorded at the end of Hadfield’s time as commander aboard the ISS last year. It’s still up right now, and there’s no telling when it will get pulled, so hopefully you’ve had one last chance to watch it before it goes back into the, erm, space vault. If you were, hypothetically, an unscrupulous person with little regard for how copyright laws intersect with digital methods of ownership, you might also quickly look into ways of downloading a local copy for yourself. Not that we condone that sort of thing. Nooooo, sir. 

(via Universe Today)

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