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Will Smith Lets it Slip: Lady Gaga is in Men in Black III

It Came From Outer Space


Ahhh, remember the days when Dennis Rodman was considered weird enough to make alien jokes about?

While the element of time travel to the Mad Men era edges me just over the “neutral” position on Men in Black III and into the “cautiously optimistic” zone, so I haven’t been ignoring news of the long in production movie. And Will Smith oddly admitted that Lady Gaga would, obviously, be the latest “eccentric” celebrity to take on a cameo in the series. Oddly? you ask. Yeah, look at this:

We have a couple of celebrity cameos, but I think I can not reveal who they are. We must keep as a surprise that Lady Gaga appears.

So maybe it made more sense when spoken. Maybe the second sentence was in a sarcastic stage whisper!

We hope that this cameo actually works out: Gaga was really substantially rumored for an appearance in The Muppets. There were even several other celebrities (Ed Helms among them) rumored to be members of her entourage, but no actual appearance in the movie. Potentially it could have been left on the cutting room floor, as it seemed with Wanda Sykes’ and Danny Trejo’s cameos, which appeared in trailers but not the movie. But I’m getting off topic.

The only question that remain is if the cameo will actually be an interesting twist, or whether the movie will try to surprise us with the idea that she’s secretly an alien, which is, you know, the “surprise” of every other celebrity cameo in Men in Black.

(NME via Tor.)

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