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Labeled Eggs Are Cool, Remind You How Much Cholesterol Eggs Have


How many of us have been standing over a hot skillet, egg in hand, breakfast nearly made, and paralyzed with dread about the exact nutrition information for the chicken ovum you’re about to prepare? Too many.

But thanks to some clever folks on the Internet and your handy-dandy EggBot egg printing system, you can have all the egg-related nutrition information right at your fingertips! No longer will you wonder how much sodium (65mg) or cholesterol (215mg) is in each egg. Throw off the yolk (no pun intended) of oppression, and embrace the new egg-based knowledge economy!

This is where I tip my hand and admit that I had no idea what an EggBot was at first. Thankfully, I do now. Having seen what they’re capable of, I know that my future has a lot of instant noodles in it while I scrimp and save to buy one.

(Makerbot via BoingBoing, image via Thingiverse)

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