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Loki and Kylo Ren Are Super Villain Roommates In This Hilarious YouTube Series

What’s better than one conflicted villain with a flair for melodrama and over-the-top costuming? Two of them, sharing an apartment. Welcome to the world of KYLOKI.

I don’t know how I missed this show before, because it features my favorite MCU villain, Loki (and we prefer to use the word “antihero,” thanks, he’s somewhat reformed now, trust me, no I swear) and also that other guy from that other globe-devouring franchise, Kylo Ren, who’s kind of having a big week.

In the latest episode, Kylo, Loki, Loki’s BFF Scarlet Witch, and the guys’ “normal” roommate, Matt, are attending “Villain Con.” Watch Loki prepare to give his keynote speech, with a little help from his—uh, friends? The five-minute episode also introduces General Hux into the mix, and it’s an absolute delight. This is clearly a show made by fans with a love for the material and an understanding of how these characters are viewed in fandom and beyond.

Series co-creator Jordan Henry (with Arielle Waldman) filled me in on how this odd couple housing situation came into existence:

After seeing The Force Awakens when it came out, we realized we liked Kylo Ren so much because he’s so similar to Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They’re both outcasts, they both have daddy issues, and they both have great hair. The next thought was “What if they were roommates?” and the idea for Kyloki was born. We initially wrote a couple sketches, but then we fell in love with our versions of the characters and decided we needed to make a whole series.

Roommate situations are relatable to everyone. Even people who aren’t familiar with Star Wars or Marvel can enjoy the series, because they can connect to that grounded element. Kylo Ren and Loki might be out doing these epic things in the movies, but at the end of the day, they’re both kind of whiny and neither of them wants to do household chores. We wanted to focus on how typical roommate problems could humorously escalate if the roommates were also super villains.

A lot of the fun of KYLOKI comes from this mix of situational humor alongside the baked-in canon and references we’ve come to know so well. It’s also really, really funny. This is some seriously in-the-know nerdery. The actors are game and great, as is the editing, and the show features some impressive effects like magical slight-of-hands (Loki’s) and angry lightsaber wielding (Kylo’s).

Henry and Waldman’s production platform, Leisure Elk, has a founding principle that we are extremely on board with:

Leisure Elk creates character driven series for fangirls and boys, nerds, and anyone who loves to laugh. This content aims to represent narratives not always seen in mainstream media as a way to engage with a passionate and diverse community.

Or it’s all just a ploy to meet Captain America…

I jumped right in with “Villain Con,” but there’s a whole first season of KYLOKI to catch up on, which is how I’m planning to spend my evening. Start at the beginning with me with the first episode below.

(via KYLOKI, image: Leisure Elk)

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