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Go Ahead. Let Your Steve Kornacki Thirst Thrive.

Kornacki the Snacki


Steve Kornacki the snacki

Our thirst for Steve Kornacki is currently at an all-time high. While it started as a small crawl with “Are we tired or is he really something else?” we’re now at full stan Twitter levels for MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki.

With a plethora of tweets about how much we all are obsessed with this Gap khaki pant-wearing math wizard, it also shows that America is truly in a state of delirium where we just keep watching the Kornacki cam on MSNBC and screaming for this man who loves to crunch numbers.

Leah Marilla Thomas (a pioneer of Kornacki thirst and my roommate as well as a freelance writer and contributor to the Mary Sue) first compared his hotness to “improv hot,” which, we have further discussed, means basically we all have a “show crush” on Kornacki. (Like when you were a theatre production when you were younger and had a talent crush on the hot lead.)

Last night, Kumail Nanjiani ushered in the next wave of thirst. We’re just in a Kornacki wave pool at this point.

It happened when Kornacki was on his way home for some sleep and decided that, instead, he would sleep when he was dead and headed back into the studio.

So let’s take a moment and appreciate the Kornacki love that has taken over our Twitter feeds because this is honestly where we are.

Here for the map daddy. Hopefully, he can sleep soon and take a moment to not instantly fall to the ground from exhaustion.

(image: MSNBC)

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