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Kick-Ass UK Premiere Coverage? More Like, Coverage of the Screenwriter’s Breasts

Kick-Asspremiere in the UK last night presented British media outlets with a grand conundrum: how to make a big studio release about a relatively obscure comic palatable and understandable to the proles?

You could: talk about the source material and the complicated legacy of Mark Millar (boring), focus on the movie’s controversies around violence and swearing (better), or sidestep the film entirely by talking about how celebrities like Brad Pitt are in attendance (much better).

But then: What if the (female!!!) screenwriter behind the movie — one Jane Goldman, wife of British TV personality Jonathan Ross — happens to be wearing a low-cut top? Now we’re getting somewhere:

From The Sun (“Wossy and His Bust Pal“):

JONATHAN ROSS may have his knockers – but his wife JANE GOLDMAN is making the breast of things.

Screenwriter Jane, 39, took her hubby, 49, to the European opening of her latest film Kick-Ass last night.

Also at the bash was the film’s bearded producer and heart-throb BRAD PITT, 46.

The movie is about a teenager who wants to be a superhero – despite having no special powers.

And it wasn’t just The Sun; The Star, The Daily Mail, The Metro, The Mirror, and Holy Moly! all displayed various degrees of Jane Goldman breast fixation.

Bleeding Cool News has a full rundown of the offenders.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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