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Kick-Ass Looks — Well, Read The Title

…Kick-ass! Mark Millar and/or Christopher Mintz-Plasse fanboys are salivating over this new poster for the movie, which debuts on April 16th. Mark Millar being the mad genius behind such iconic comics as Superman: Red Son and Civil War. This fake Twitter feed is a pretty good parody of Millarness: “What if Iron Man was actually a robot tricking people into thinking it was a guy in a suit?” Christopher Mintz-Plasse, of course, is the organ-donating lad who won our hearts as McLovin‘ in Superbad.

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Millar has had an active hand in writing and producing the film, which is based on his ongoing comic series of the same name; Mintz-Plasse is a wannabe superhero alongside Aaron Johnson‘s Kick-Ass, who does not in fact have any superpowers.

Oh yeah, you just miiight want to see this trailer if you haven’t checked it out already:

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