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Because We Can: Eight Interpretations of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok”

If you haven’t been living under a block of obsidian the past few months, you’ve heard Ke$ha’s hit song “Tik Tok.” She performed it on Saturday Night Live and it’s emerged as the go-to party anthem of contemporary America (contemporary being, again, the past few months). But whether or not it stands the time, one thing’s for sure: It begs to be mocked. And a lot of people have made sure that comes to fruition. See below.

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For reference, the original:

And now a ton of hilarious crap.

1. Metal and Polka and Ke$ha, Oh My!

We begin with a hilarious hypothetical of what would happen if Ke$ha did a little genre-hopping.

2. Ke$ha’s Lyrics Explained, or Where’s the Third A in Alcoholics Anonymous?

Can we really appreciate the song without understanding its lyrics? Yes, in fact we’re probably better off not thinking about them. But let’s do it anyway.

3. Those Who Can’t Do, Teach. Those Who Can’t Sing Make “Tik Tok”

At this point you should be wondering how Ke$ha possibly has a career. So are the people at collegehumor who made the video below.

4. Ke$ha in Contemporary Poetry, or Junk Is Not a Boat

Via Jersey Arts, we examine the contemporary poetic value of the song. But really, this video is just an … allegory?

5. Three Guys Make “Tik Tok” More Than Tolerable

This is actually very impressive. I’ve always been a sucker for these split screen audio splices, and this one’s definitely high up there:

6. Star Wars Episode VII: The Ke$ha Menace

The force may not be with Ke$ha, but it’s with these people:

7. Even Alvin the Chipmunk’s Ears Can’t Stand “Tik Tok”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more annoying:

8. The Party Doesn’t Start Until The Simpsons Walk In

And let’s end on a good note. Let’s also end on an intro. It’ll be totally meta, or something.

I’m not proud of having done this.

OK, I kind of am.

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