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Things We Saw Today: Kate McKinnon Just Wants To Know “What Still Works”

Plus Hailee Steinfeld, Studio Ghibli, and more!

Saturday Night Live returned last night, with the very first episode of 2021. The cold open featured Kate McKinnon, as herself, asking the question that’s plagued all our minds for a year now: what still works? Kate then interviews several characters as she dissects their respective failings. First, there’s Cecily Strong playing QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who offers Kate a handgun from her purse. After going through Taylor Greene’s laundry list of hideous beliefs and behavior, McKinnon surmises that “government doesn’t work.”

She moves on to interview Pete Davidson, who played a man who made millions off of GameStop stocks, leading her to remark that the stock market also doesn’t work. This was followed by social media not working, with Mikey Day and Alex Moffat as Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Finally, Kenan Thompson rolls through as O.J. Simpson, who recently tweeted video of himself getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Finally, host John Krasinski comes out as the only thing in America that functions: Tom Brady. And yet despite Brady’s indomitable football skills, most of the country hates him and he’s “a weird Trump guy.” The best part of the skit was clearly McKinnon herself, who cycled through her world weary questions with an all too familiar exhausted disbelief. Yes, everything is bad now. Yes, things are getting better … kind of? Yes, we’re all still unraveling under the overwhelming stress that is simply existing right now.

In the words of another McKinnon creation, Wenowdis. But it’s still nice to see our anxiety reflected with humor and pathos. “I’m “slowly losing my mind along with all of you,” McKinnon intones, before opening the show.

We’re right there with you, Kate.

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Hope you’re having a restful and restorative Sunday, Sue Believers!

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