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Things We Saw Today: Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson Super Bowl Scandal to Be Covered in New York Times Presents Doc

Janet Jackson. Image credit: Kathy Hutchins /

FX and Hulu are teaming up once more to cover Janet Jackson in a new New York Times Presents video about the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, titled Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson, set to air November 19.

Deadline explains that the film will explore how “Jackson’s career never recovered but Timberlake went from strength-to-strength,” even though Justin Timberlake is the one who exposed Jackson’s nipple on the world stage. It will “examine the racial and cultural currents that collided on the Super Bowl stage, and explores how the incident impacted one of the most successful pop musicians in history.”

It will feature rare footage and interviews with several people who were at the controls that night in Houston, including NFL and MTV executives, to reconstruct an incident that shook the country and explain how it shaped culture in the decades to follow. With new reporting by The Times, as well as insights from music industry insiders, cultural critics and members of the Jackson family, the film illuminates the fallout, and CBS boss Les Moonves’s role in it.

I’m really looking forward to this because there is a deeply problematic racial element to how this situation played out. Janet Jackson’s career was absolutely injured in a vile way, and while we are now realizing it, I’m glad Britney’s musical mother is getting her due.

(via Deadline, image: Kathy Hutchins /

  • “Some 34,000 fun-seekers were thrown into lockdown at Shanghai’s Disneyland Sunday night, after a single case of COVID-19 prompted police to blockade the exits and test every single person in the park before allowing them to leave.” (via The Daily Beast)
  • White House officials met virtually with nearly 20 intersex advocates last Tuesday to speak with organizers on how to advance intersex rights in the United States. (via The 19th)
  • Jenna Ryan, one of the infamous public faces from the Jan 6 riots, didn’t think she was going to jail, but the Feds have other plans for her. (via HuffPo)
  • Ice Cube gave up 9 million dollars because he didn’t want to get a free vaccine. (via THR)
  • Atlanta is returning!

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