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Justin Bieber: North Korea-Bound? (Update: Alas, no.)

The votes are in on the Justin Bieber My World Tour contest: With a grand total of 659,141 votes, North Korea has won the illustrious honor of a visit from Bieber. Why the question mark in the headline, then? Blame the spoilsports at the North Korean embassy:


A spokesman for the North Korean Embassy in London told BBC News that any application for 16-year-old Bieber to tour would be dealt with by its mission to the United Nations, although the matter would be referred to Pyongyang.

Oh, and the poll isn’t actually being run by Bieber, who has made no promises to actually honor the poll results. But hopefully he’ll consider: And if they let him inside their world, there would be one less lonely autocratic dictatorial regime.

Update: Alas, this isn’t going to happen. MTV:

North Korea may have won the Faxo contest, but the contest was in no way sanctioned by Bieber or anyone in his camp, according to a statement e-mailed on Wednesday (July 7) to MTV News.

“It was a spoof site,” a spokesperson for Bieber wrote. “This is not a legitimate contest.”

So, sadly, the Justin Bieber North Korea concert will not come to fruition anytime soon, which the Internet attributed to something other than the contest’s illegitimacy.

(Faxo via Buzzfeed)

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