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New Web App Censors the Unspeakable Name of Justin Bieber

If you cheered when Twitter’s new trending topics algorithm shanghaied Justin Bieber this past week, this could be for you: The good people of Free Art & Technology (specifically, Greg Leuch) have put together a Firefox add-on and a nifty Javascript program (click link to test it out) that let you black out the name and visage of the 16-year-old Canadian pop star, who seems to inspire some of the strongest divided reactions of any 16-year-old Canadian pop star on the planet.

Titled “Shaved Bieber,” Leuch’s handiwork blacks out the word “Bieber,” the phrase “Justin Bieber,” and image files containing “Bieber” in their names. The perfect cold-turkey cure for Bieber Fever and BieberRage alike.

If you’re of the programming persuasion, you can check out the Shaved Bieber code repository at GitHub and mess around with it. Otherwise, you can bookmark the code and use it in times of need.

Demo video:

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(via Free Art & Technology. h/t Nick Bilton)

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