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Welcome to … the Bahamas? Jurassic Park Meets the Fyre Festival


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Did Billy McFarland get his idea for a cool summer getaway from Jurassic Park? Nerdist made a video centering around the Fye Festival feel but brought to life the idea that John Hammond is, very much, the Billy McFarland of Isla Nublar—a man who believed that he was above something, bigger than what everyone was telling him, and when it backfired, he just tried to run?

Am I talking about McFarland or Hammond? Honestly, who can tell? Maybe somewhere in McFarland’s twisted mind, he saw himself as John Hammond, not realizing that that is definitely not the man to want to be like in Jurassic Park. It isn’t that either of them had bad intentions (or at least, Hammond didn’t have bad intentions), but both men wanted to make money at any cost—ripping people off, charging too much, promising things they couldn’t deliver? It’s eerie how similar both McFarland and Hammond really are.

Either way, Nerdist saw the likeness between the two men and gave us the greatest trailer for a fake documentary that we need in our lives like … yesterday.

As someone who watched both of the Fyre Festival documentaries, one thing is very true about Billy McFarland: He didn’t care how many people told him it wasn’t going to work. He pretended like everything was going to be fine and hurt a lot of people. When you breakdown Jurassic Park, that’s exactly what John Hammond does to Ian Malcolm and, eventually, Alan Grant when they tell him that this park is a terrible idea.

What is it about white men with an idea that makes them think that people telling them something won’t work is information they can ignore?

Let us all thank the high heavens that McFarland didn’t have the resources to make dinosaurs, or we’d have Jeff Goldblum telling us all that this is what happens when men try to play God.

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