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When Are We Going to Cast Julian Bass in a Marvel Movie Though?

Give his TikToks Oscars, to be quite honest.

Julian Bass on GMA

The new trend around town is to create amazing TikToks and using them to your advantage, and no one is doing it better than Julian Bass. The Atlanta-based theatre student took to the internet to share some of his favorite heroes in a creative way. You’ve probably seen the video going around. He starts as himself, saying that he’s going to show us some of his favorite heroes, and then he goes from a Jedi to Ben 10 and into such iconic characters as Spider-Man and more.

The video in question has been getting A LOT of traction and honestly? GOOD. It’s amazing! Posting it on Twitter and putting those good vibes out to Disney giving him a call out into the universe, Bass shared the TikTok, which has now gotten over a million likes and replies from big Disney names like Bob Iger, Mark Hamill, James Gunn, and more!

Honestly, Disney, call him UP. Bass has received likes and shoutouts spanning all of Twitter, and it is incredibly impressive. But then again, so is his video! The editing alone is amazing, not mention the level at which he brings each hero to life. It’s not only fun to watch to see who is next, but it is fun to try to figure out how he did it.

Now though, many creatives have reached out to give Bass their praise.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Bass talks about discussing his future with Matthew Cherry and Louis D’Esposito (Marvel Studio’s co-president) and what he hopes to happen next in the aftermath of his TikTok.

And, he even made a new video for his time on Good Morning America!

It’s beautiful things like this that make the darkness of the world a little easier to digest. All that happened was Julian Bass taking to the internet to share his love of heroes, and it has resulted in giving people something to talk about, a fun video of some of our favorite heroes as well, and now a wonderful platform for Bass to use.

I wouldn’t exactly be mad if they start talking to him about actually playing Miles Morales on the big screen. (I mean, just look at him getting literally thrown into that TikTok! It’d be great!) Whatever the future holds for Julian Bass, it is going to be brilliant, and seeing young creatives get their time to shine is what makes social media worth it.

(image: ABC/Screengrab)

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