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Disgraced Canadian Professor Accidentally Shares D*** Milking Dungeon In CCP Rant

NSFW, obviously.

Jordan Peterson addresses students at The Cambridge Union on November 02, 2018 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

When I popped on to Twitter this past week and saw Jordan Peterson trending, I expected some regular hateful stuff. Something transphobic, racist, or misogynistic in the name of helping young men navigate an ever-changing world. Or maybe he was still in that one-sided fight with the Pope about Jesus and Catholicism. Instead, the masses were in collective shock regarding an image in a recent retweet by the disgraced professor—a quote tweet I couldn’t initially find because he deleted it, but when I did, I … erm … learned a lot.

Yeah. The pop psychologist unironically retweeted a video of dick-pumping BDSM with the claim it was some sort of Chinese government agenda (CCP stands for Chinese Communist Party). In what was probably a combination of Sinophobia, transphobia, and “white replacement theory,” Peterson appeared to be trying to use the idea of more Chinese people (through technological aid) as a threat. However, as much guessing as we can do based on his other tweet, we will never know because Peterson deleted his post. Unfortunately for his almost-as-infamous daughter, Mikhaila Fuller, he didn’t do so before she replied in a now-deleted comment:

DAD you can’t retweet this on twitter. My eyes will never recover.

The account with the misinformation that Peterson retweeted also deleted the video and re-uploaded it with an apology. Here, they stated the video came from another social media platform (WeChat), but insisted that the (baseless) statement was true all the same. Their new evidence was pointing to the fact that some Chinese sperm banks have penis stimulation devices. According to The South Chinese Post, such devices are used as an alternative for donors who don’t feel comfortable masturbating. It still doesn’t make sense how they got from point A to point B, but at least we got these parody memes.

Jordan Peterson lobsters hang their heads in shame

This recent Twitter interaction was also posted on r/Jordan Peterson (a subreddit with over 300,000 members) before ultimately being removed by the moderators. While most expressed disappointment and frustration, a few put forth the idea that someone purposefully tricked Peterson. No one is infallible, but Peterson’s mistakes are loud and often. Despite being confused by Twitter’s basic functions, he spends a lot of time on the site and doesn’t critically engage with any post beyond ignorant praise or mocking. Additionally, in a 2022 letter to the College of Psychologists of Ontario responding to their request that he undergo media training due to complaints they’d received, Peterson stated that “extremely accomplished people” help him with social media.

I have consciously and carefully surrounded myself with people who have helped me monitor what I am doing and who provide me with continual feedback as to the appropriateness of the tone and the content of what I am purveying.

Sure. One Redditor commented, “He’s tweeted 61 times since I went to bed at midnight est. 61 times overnight.” Many shared the sentiment that Petereson’s unfiltered self on social media makes it hard to be a fan. One of the most upvoted comments reads, “The one thing JP haters and fans have in common is that they want him off of Twitter.”

This wasn’t the worse thing Peterson tweeted that day, but it sure was the funniest and simultaneously most informative. Some people finally realized Peterson is not a credible source of information or mentally well. I, and many others, learned about the existence of a highly specific kink! As VICE explains, “most of the time, dick-milking porn is part of a subset of other, more mainstream fetishes, like medical fetish (where there’s a doctor or nurse and patient roleplay dynamic) or femdomming and bondage.” In fact, if you want to support the performers in the video or look into more of this, check out Mistress Jane. There’s a really interesting interview with the professional dominatrix on Podopheleus.

(featured image: Chris Williamson, Getty Images)

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