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You Can Win a Nice Looking Wooden Watch From Jord, Here’s How!

What time is it?

Jord Wooden Watch

Most of us probably rely on our phones to tell the time. If I’m being honest, usually so do I, but sometimes you just need a watch. Our friends at Jord make beautiful wooden watches. They sent us one to try out, and they want to give one lucky a reader a watch as well. Here’s how you can win.

Jord sent us their “Sully” model made from cherry and maple woods (pictured above), and that’s what’s up for grabs in this contest. (A new one, not the one they sent us.) I’ve been wearing it around for the past few weeks, and I really dig it. You’ll actually be able to see it in action in our upcoming video series with Our Friend Bill Nye that we shot at SXSW. See:

(Left: Me, Right: Our Friend Bill Nye, Arrow-Indicated: Watch)

(Left: Me, Right: Our Friend Bill Nye, Arrow-Indicated: Watch)

I don’t always wear a watch, but when it’s time to dress up right, I like to put one on. Your wrist looks naked in a suit without one.¬†Wearing the Jord watch out in the world has gotten me a number of compliments, and as best as I can remember no one has ever complimented my bare wrist.

If you want to win yourself a Jord “Sully,” you’ll need to follow Jord on Facebook, Twitter, AND Instagram. Yes. All three.

Here are text links in case that’s a thing you need or just prefer:

When you’re done with your mini follow/like spree send us a tweet with the hashtag #heynicewatch, and you’ll be entered to win. We’ll pick a winner on Friday March 28th and get that person a coupon code to use over on

(via Jord, images my own)

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