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Jonah Hill Gets Roasted by The All-Female Five-Timers Club on Saturday Night Live

Tina Fey, Drew Barrymore and Candice Bergen join Hill for his opening monologue.
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Last night, Jonah Hill took the stage as the host of Saturday Night Live for the fifth time, earning him entry into the illustrious Five Timers Club. Tina Fey was on hand to bring him into the lounge in the latest iteration of the classic sketch, an initiation that usually involves the host kicking back in the lounge alongside other five-timers and SNL all-stars.

This time, we get a glimpse of what the Five Timers Club looks like in the #MeToo era, with special guests Drew Barrymore and Candice Bergen. When Jonah wonders where all the men are, Fey tells him that they were kicked out of the club for being “sex creeps” and the trio of women proceed to roast Hill to his increasing discomfort.

The women name-check the male members of the club who are no longer allowed in, which include Tom Hanks for his “there’s a snake in my boot!” Toy Story quote and Steve Martin, who is guilty of non-consensual banjo playing. Bergen also mentions Justin Timberlake ripping a woman’s top off at the Super Bowl, which legitimately happened and nearly derailed Janet Jackson’s career.

The women toast Hill over a couple of Pete Davidsons, a drink that “has a lot going on, but it gets the job done.” Kenan Thompson also pops in to remind everyone that his long tenure on the show basically means he owns it now. The women play their favorite sketch of Hill, which involves him sweatily confessing that he clogged a toilet. Hill is dismayed that they chose a toilet humor clip, but Bergen reminds him “that’s where you shine.”

An excited Hill says that he want his jacket, and the women misinterpret his request as offensive before dressing him in the newly redesigned smoking jacket that features a sequined collar and a peplum waist. When Hill asks if he’s wearing a women’s jacket, Fey replies, “any jacket can be a women’s jacket, it’s 2018, okay?”

The sketch is a fun take on the Five Timers Club, and its mostly male membership. Of the twenty members, only five are women, with Scarlett Johansson and Melissa McCarthy rounding out the list. Having the female Five Timers razz Jonah Hill is a nice send up of male discomfort in the face of the Me Too movement while also poking fun at the old boys club nature of the comedy institution. Watching Hill’s face as he realizes the unintended meaning behind saying “I wanna jacket it right now!” is hilarious, and showcases Hill’s comedy sweet spot as a misunderstood and put-upon guy.

Sidebar: with Murphy Brown back on the air, I think it’s time a Candice Bergen hosting appearance, yeah?

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