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Jon Favreau Wrote Six Episodes in The Mandalorian Season 2. A Gift for ME.

Baby Yoda and Mando in The Mandalorian season 2 trailer.

For whatever reason, I have loved Jon Favreau for as long as I can remember. I can’t tell you why and I can’t tell you how, but I just love him with my whole heart. And now, Disney+’s The Mandalorian season 2 is going to feature six episodes penned by Favreau himself. Happy days for me INDEED.

Other than Favreau’s six episodes, Dave Filoni wrote 2×05 and Rick Famuyiwa wrote 2×07, which might be a good thing, especially since The Mandalorian clearly has a look and story they’re going for. Favreau penning most of the season can help lead it into whatever spinoff/other Star Wars properties are also coming our way.

Revealed on the Writers Guild of America West’s website, it isn’t that surprising to me, since season 1 was the Favreau’s brainchild. But it’s also nice to see that the show is following a similar format to last season (the two episodes not written by Favreau were written by Filoni and Famuyiwa/Christopher Yost).

So, in theory, this is pretty much what the first season did, and I guess, in my mind, don’t fix what isn’t broken, especially since the directors of the first season brought their own touch and feel to each episode that helped it feel like an incredibly lived in world. That’s something that was very evident while watching the first season. Each director had a distinct way of telling the story, and it all worked and blended together beautifully. So if it’s more of the same, I won’t really complain.

But it’s also telling that Favreau worked on the majority of the first half of the season and that Filoni is taking episode 5, especially with a rumor that Ahsoka Tano is coming after Filoni being extremely involved in The Clone Wars. So … that could be when we get to see her, or at least when there could be more Clone Wars lore content in the season.

Whatever ends up happening in season 2, I’m just excited to have Baby Yoda and his adventures back in my life. The show is a wonderful addition to the Star Wars franchise, and getting to see where Favreau and company want to take us next is going to be exciting, especially if they continue to pull in storylines from The Clone Wars and Rebels.

The Mandalorian season 2 premieres on Disney+ on October 30th, and nothing makes me happier right now. I need to know what happens with the Child!

(image: LucasFilm)

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