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In Another Timeline, John Krasinski Played Captain America. In Our Timeline, He’d Love to Be an MCU Villain


John Krasinski once auditioned for the role of Captain America — and although he (obviously) didn’t get the part, it doesn’t seem so hard to picture him in that role, especially now that we’ve seen him do 13 Hours. He just told Digital Spy that apparently he got pretty far into the auditioning process:

The Captain America thing was hilarious. As much as I had so much fun doing it, and I definitely got to wear the suit and screen tested and all those things, and sign my life away that I wouldn’t even talk about it so they’re going to kill me now, thanks — but as soon as I heard that Chris [Evans] was considering it, I applauded it. Chris is a good friend, and very, very good at what he does. I was so happy to see him do it.

Maybe now I have to play a villain, where I fight Chris. That’s what we need to do.

Those rumors about a “Bizarro Captain America” appearing in Captain America 3 turned out to just be jokes, unfortunately, so I guess Krasinski can’t try his hand at that. It’d be pretty funny to see him play a villain in anything, really. Has he ever played a role that’s anything less than pure, affable charm?

(via CBR, image via Tumblr)

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