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John Boyega Won’t Accept Your Twitter Marriage Proposal. Sorry.

A sad day for us all, really.

John Boyega attends the EE British Academy Film Awards 2020 After Party

The internet was confused yesterday when, suddenly, John Boyega took to his Twitter account to announce that he did not accept a marriage proposal from a fan. As it turns out, a fake account had accepted a proposal on Boyega’s behalf, and fans just … thought it was Boyega? I thought the verification symbol was supposed to help with all this!

The first I became aware of it was from Boyega himself, suddenly coming online to find out that he was … getting married?

Imagine you’re just scrolling through Twitter, and suddenly your wife wants to know when you’re coming home for dinner. That’s basically what happened to John Boyega. For whatever reason, someone just saw a Twitter account using the same picture of Boyega’s icon with the name John Boyega and didn’t … click on the profile to see that it wasn’t actually John Boyega.

The whole debacle ushered in many other marriage proposals for the actor. Shoot your shot, I guess?

Boyega, by the end, was pretty much done with everyone who thought the fake profile was him. In his defense, people were yelling on Twitter and he didn’t even do anything.

To be fair, I would also send in my marriage application to Boyega if I thought he was going to respond. Luckily, the imposter has changed their profile so it doesn’t use John Boyega as its icon or name. Still, the damage is done. Whatever hope fans had of sending their video submissions in to marry John Boyega, that ship has sailed.

What we have learned from this situation is that we should … maybe double-check what profile is accepting proposals in the future. If you click on the profile and it’s not the official account for Boyega or whatever other celebrity it’s supposed to be, and it’s saying “I Do” to a fan, maybe take a breath and know that you still maybe have a chance at walking down that aisle yet!

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