Jeri Ryan Returns to Sci Fi With a Role in Helix

And So It Begins
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Maybe you don’t have Star Trek: Voyager fresh in your memory, because you didn’t watch the entire show for the first time this spring, and maybe you haven’t had a recent conversation about the lack of female mentor characters in well known fiction so Seven of Nine and Janeway didn’t resonate with you as much, maybe all of those things. Still, Jeri Ryan!

Aside from one or two episode stints in shows like Warehouse 13, Ryan has not taken a significant role in a science fiction series since Voyager, but that will soon end with the Syfy channel’s upcoming Helix.

From Spoiler TV:

Jeri Ryan is set to join Syfy’s newest original scripted series Helix for a multi-episode arc. Ryan joins a cast led by Billy Campbell and Hiroyuki Sanada on the 13-episode drama series, executive produced by Ronald D. Moore, Steven Maeda, who is also showrunner, and Lynda Obst.

Ryan will portray the beautiful and charismatic Constance Sutton, the Chief Operating Officer of Ilaria Corporation, owner of Arctic Biosystems, the research facility where the series takes place. Charming and savvy, Sutton is used to getting her way at any cost.

Helix follows the trials of a CDC investigative team sent to the Arctic Biosystems research station, where I’m sure all of the hazmat guys coughing up black stuff is just a misunderstanding and everything will turn out perfectly fine and not eviscerated. With a producer/show runner team with credits on Battlestar Galactica, Lost, The X-Files, and Contact, I’d say that it’s a show that stands a decent chance of being notable.

(story via Spoiler TV, top pic via Flickr.)

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