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The Trailer For Jena Malone’s Victorian Thriller Angelica Is Either the Best or the Worst

If Jena Malone was your favorite part of Mockingjay, you’ll be thrilled (see what I did there) to witness the trailer for her new Victorian thriller, Angelica.

Director Mitchell Lichenstein (who also made that movie about the girl with teeth in her vag, so, you know) is bringing us the story of Malone’s Constance, a shopgirl who marries a medical researcher, only to have puritanical doctors order them to be celibate. And then apparently there’s some supernatural creature that threatens Constance and her daughter Angelica.

The sets look gorgeous, Malone is wonderful, and I have a soft spot for films about the crazy things in which Victorian doctors believed (so much so that I did an MA in it), but I admit there are some things that worry me here – besides the director. It’s interesting that a shopgirl, who often worked horrifically long days in terrible conditions, would find herself marrying up; I’m also curious about the kind of medical research her husband was doing, if he finds himself taken in by this whole celibacy thing. Victorians were not nearly as repressed nor as puritanical as you might have been lead to believe, though doctors did often recommend abstinence as a treatment for male nervous illness or female hysteria. Hmm.

Angelica premieres February 7th at the Berlin Film Festival.

(via THR)

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