Jamie Lee Curtis Signs on to Lady-Led Comedy-Horror Series Scream Queens

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Join me as I disentangle the two different projects in Hollywood at the moment that are putting horror heroines in the action hero role, and tell you which one just hired the quintessential Final Girl: Jamie Lee Curtis.

What’s a Final Girl? Check this post. Now, there are two final girl focused projects making their way towards production at the moment and while they were both announced around the same time and started out sounding kind of the same they have now developed distinct differences. There’s Sony’s Final Girl, a movie starring Malin Ackerman and Taissa Farmiga, as a teenager who gets sucked into an ‘80s slasher movie. It’s been described by its director as “Pleasantville in a trashy horror movie from the ’80s with a little Back to the Future thrown in and a spoon full of Terms of Endearment with a dash of Scream and two dollops of Purple Rose of Cairo for good measure.”

But that’s not the Final Girl-based project that I’m here to talk about. When it was announced, Fox’s Final Girls project was a television show with a Charlie’s Angels (or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) vibe about an older veteran Final Girl collecting a group of younger Final Girls together to put their survival skills to the test while fighting crime. Now, it’s been a year since the show was announced, it’s changed its name to Scream Queens, and it’s officially hired two lead actresses: Jamie Lee Curtis, star of Halloween, and Emma Roberts of Scream 4 and American Horror Story.

It’s also now an anthology comedy-horror series with a first episode that revolves around killings on a college campus, so it’s unclear how much of the original concept was kept… but even if it’s just a little, that’s worth tuning in for! Horror movie survivors super team!

(via Deadline)

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