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Is Jack Going to Hell in the Last Episode of LOST? Leaked, Possibly Fake Doc Says So

We hope this isn’t real, but feel duty-bound to tell you it exists: Defamer has gotten ahold of what looks like a call sheet for the final episode of LOST. [A call sheet is a production schedule for the cast and crew of a film or television production the day’s production schedule for a given episode of shooting, including relevant scenes and locations.] Before you read on: big possible spoilers ahead. They can’t vouch for its authenticity — a LOSTie they got in touch with said that the LOST crew is in the business of making fake call sheets “to confuse people” — but it looks substantial enough.

There are plenty of minutiae here that’ll interest diehard LOST fans, some of which Defamer delves into, but anyone who knows or cares about the LOST finale will be very interested in one particular scene description: Namely, the one that starts with “Jack in Hell.”

(We’ve added red marks and highlighted the relevant portions of the maybe-or-maybe-not-real call sheet to make them easier to find in the midst of the dense text.)

So: “Jack in Hell; light returns; water starts to trickle” followed with a series of scenes involving Jack, John Locke, and Desmond, with Desmond ascending and being lowered, Jack being “consumed by the light and water,” and light going out.

But the elements seem plausible enough: The show’s back-and-forth toying with the notion that everything is taking place in Hell, as presented by Locke’s fake father in Season 3 and by dashing Spanish Richard Alpert earlier this season. The ramping Desmond-as-Jesus overtones. The light-and-dark motif that we’ve seen throughout the show (which our resident LOST recapper Katelyn Moy Lapham discusses here.)

In short: We don’t know if this is real, and as fans of the show who don’t want to be spoilerized after grueling through 116 hours of it, we hope it isn’t. But at first whiff, the components don’t reek of fakeness, and until some LOST supergeek finds some tiny but damning detail that proves that it’s fake, we’re going to be worried, very worried.

(via Defamer)

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