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Jack Dorsey Will Return to Twitter, Continue to Run Square at the Same Time

How is that Dorsey would be able to hold down a top product gig at Twitter and be CEO of a fast-growing startup?

“Jack is amazing,” said this source. “He works from 5 or 6 am until midnight.”

–It was considered a big blow to Twitter when bionic programmer and former CEO Jack Dorsey, who built much of the microblogging service’s underlying technology, stepped down to focus on mobile payment service Square, for which he currently serves as CEO.

The recent “dickbar” controversy has done little to warm the cockles of the hearts of Twitter’s power users (just 20,000 of whom a recent Yahoo! Labs study found produce more than 50% of Twitter’s content), and Dorsey’s recently announced reascension has thus far been widely treated as a Good Thing by the digerati.

Current Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced via Twitter that Dorsey “will be returning to the company day-to-day leading product as Executive Chairman.” However, Dorsey’s duties as CEO of Square, an up-and-coming service in its own right, will not abate. Hope the guy manages to sleep at some point.

Twitter’s official statement (via):

Twitter is pleased to announce that Jack Dorsey has agreed to return to Twitter in an everyday role to lead our product development. Jack will also continue in his role as CEO at Square.

Twitter’s three co-founders –Ev Williams, Biz Stone and Jack– have unselfishly played whatever role was most needed at the time to nurture the company and help the product reach its full potential. Jack has been involved with the company from day one in various roles.

As executive chairman, Jack will dive in to work with more than 450 people, led by an experienced executive team. The timing is fortuitous; not only is Twitter experiencing record growth, but we also now have a new infrastructure that will keep us ahead of that growth and enable us to launch products that will make Twitter more instant, simple and always present.

(via TBI, @dickc)

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