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iZombie Finale Recap: “Blaine’s World”

We zombie sad Season 1 is over.

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Your source of CW-flavored brain food won’t be delivering any more (or should I say Moore?). For now, anyway. After all, the first season of the ridiculously great iZombie is officially over.

With last night’s “Blaine’s World,” we saw Season 1 come to a close with some of the biggest twist, turns and detours on the show’s fairly smooth road to Season 2. We’re talking about more people we care about kinda sorta dying, coupled with entirely fresh side drama and some of the best music yet.

So sit back, put some sriracha on those eggs and let’s enter “Blaine’s World” together.


  • YOU CAN FORGET ALL YOUR TROUBLES, FORGET ALL YOUR CARES WHEN YOU’RE… hearing “Downtown” by Petula Clark in the background of the opening scene of this episode. (Great, subtle choice, ep writer and show creator Rob Thomas!)
  • Seriously, though, the music in this episode is off the chain. “Blue Velvet” playing while Cameron retrieves the thumb drive at the diner? “Der Kommisar” scoring Major’s escape sequence? Brilliant.

iZombie - Pools Jokes

  • “Hey, Creepy Stares a Lot! I’m not on a sex cam. I can see you!” “Nice ball sack.” You gotta love Rose McIver’s flawlessly sassy delivery of Teresa-influenced lines like this.
  • Liv’s “I eat brains! I’m disgusting” (I’m paraphrasing, but you get it) speech near the start of the ep is going to ring even more true as she deals with the finale’s cliffhanger: not being able to give her dying brother the blood he needs (and possibly having to explain to her mom and docs why). Will that be the catalyst for her taking the cure too, or will she have to deal with even more guilt over being a zombie as she watches her little bro (and maybe Major) die? Either option could be juicy.
  • “The girl—the zombie that turned Sebastian into one—she’s right outside that door. She’s with Seattle PD. Guess what she does? Medical examiner. I mean, who writes this stuff, right?”
  • Hands up if you wanna see and hear more from Stephen Weber in Season 2 as the Max Rager plot thickens.

iZombie - Zombie American

  • Kudos to the writers for not chickening out and going to super creepy places with the Blaine/Major plot. That moment where Blaine wheels in a dead Tommy after he nearly feeds Major his brains is revolting, but also revealing in terms of both Major’s and Blaine’s character. Pure good guy, bad guy goodness.
  • Oh, and how badass did Major suddenly get? That revenge spree would be enough to convert any Major hater, at least temporarily.
  • But the real badass of “Blaine’s World”? Miss Moore, of course. She’s like a zombie Beatrix Kiddo with her calculated attack on Blaine, turning him into the first Z cure guinea pig.

iZombie - Liv or Die

  • Love Major for not loving Liv’s decision to turn him into a zombie. Because having him be all happy about it would have been too easy and lovey dovey for this show. Plus, after Liv injected him with the cure, it’s possible he might go back to being human… or, you know, die suddenly and get thrown in the growing pile of Dead Men Our Undead Girl Once Loved.
  • “Bloodbath and Beyond”? I’m gonna miss you over the summer, iZombie title cards.
  • Blaine might be the worst, but you gotta relate to his euphoric reaction to being able to chow down on a burrito (that was a burrito, or am I just craving Mexican food?) again. (Also, forgive my terrible read-only pun below. It was that or “Just Mexican’t.”)

iZombie - Burrito Season 2

  • Hey, Rob Thomas? “Make more now, bitch!”


  • Is it just me, or does Blaine look like an even douchier Mr. Freeze wearing that parka?

iZombie - Freezer Burns

  • The moment when the one customs officer just lets Cameron go to the bathroom during a bus check? Most unbelievable part of this episode.
  • I resent Blaine’s comment about Liv having “questionable style choices.” Rock on, platinum blondes with pale skin and bags under their eyes! I stand semi-tall with you in all Liv cosplay pics!
  • I’m not going to give a “Final Verdict” this week, but you all know what it is. What a BRAINSSSY first season, you guys. Thanks for reading and hope to see you next year!

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