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iZombie recap: “Patriot Brains”

Prepare to get shot through the heart, Marshmallows.

patriot brains

Before we start anything, can we just take a moment to celebrate the renewal of iZombie!? This means, yes, you can recreate that Livwell dance party. Or put some extra hot sauce on your eggs in the morning.

Seriously though, we’ve got a new iZombie to talk about in the midst of all this very exciting renewal news and one where Liv gets to play paintball and interact with Wallace from Veronica Mars, natch.! So get locked and loaded and prepare to shoot the you-know-what about “Patriot Brains”!


• Gotta love that the opening brought us to Liv milliseconds after she realizes Lowell’s brains are being supplied by Blaine. Too bad it comes with a flashback to a kid getting a hook to the face, I Know What You Did Last Summer styles. And a whole bunch of other terrible stuff….

iZombie - Lowell Sad

• Lowell’s storyline this episode is much more devastating than you can imagine, thanks to some solid writing and the great Bradley James. First he’s sad over Liv confronting him, and then he’s even sadder as he confronts the fact that he did actually eat kiddie brains. And then get shot in the head by freaking Blaine!

• Guys, guys, GUYS! Is Lowell legit dead now? Sure, Blaine’s henchman got away from getting shot, but maybe Blaine knows something we don’t, a.k.a. that shooting a zombie in the head means actual death?! Also, Bradley James just got a part playing adult Damien on the Omen TV series!

iZombie - Diane

• Major Special Agent Cooper feels when Ravi is talking into a recorder about his zombirat bite.

• Great news? That Ravi isn’t turning into a zombie! He wouldn’t look good with platinum hair, anyway.

IZombie - Game of Love

• “Oh, it’s been too long, my friend. There are souls that need reaping, dungeons that need looting, wenches that need to fill the weathered hand of a …. “ Ravi and his Xbox controllers = the new ship. (Sorry, Major and Lowell.)

• Hands up if you got super excited seeing Percy Daggs III’s name in the opening credits. And then even more excited seeing him sitting in front of Liv and Clive. And then upset realizing he’s the killer. And then excited again watching Liv take him down in what seemed like a weird deleted scene from Veronica Mars.

iZombie - Wallace

• Major “killing” Blaine’s henchman is really going to move storylines forward, especially in terms of him understanding what’s really going on.

• From Everett’s little bro wanting to hunt down his killer to Liv and Major going after Blaine, the rightful revenge theme of this episode is certainly something to chew on. Killing someone evil won’t bring back the good person they killed, but it might stop them from doing the same thing to others, right? Or wrong?

iZombie - Dead Girl Sniping

• Liv in paintball gear? Totally, radically badass.

• “If I’m stuck with his PTSD, I should at least get a trophy out of it.” Soldier Liv was kinda heartless, but also hilarious?

• “Cerebellum sashimi is people!” Great line and reference. Even if it was followed by the very serious, “BLAINE HAS TO DIE. I’M GONNA KILL HIM.”



• “Well, for a start, I’m in love with you.” “Well, that’s gonna be a problem.” Worst/best declaration of love since “I love you” and “I know.”

iZombie - Blaine Worst

• Is it just me, or is Blaine looking worse now that he’s self-tanning more? And becoming more and more of a douche every time he mentions loving Kurt Cobain?

• “Fecal matter? That’s like poo, right?” Could they make Blaine’s henchman sound any more stereotypically boneheaded?

• Major hits a new low when he asks the trainer about eating human brains. Sure, he’s fishing for info, but that’s a pretty silly—and public!—way to go about it.

iZombie - Kiss of Death

• On an emotional note, why did the writers shoot Lowell shortly after the big kiss and make up, effectively breaking our hearts forever? I guess they wanted to advance this storyline and give Liv more conflicting feelings about Blaine. Whatever, what they did hurts and makes the wait for next week seem endless.

• When are Peyton and Ravi going on this date?!

iZombie - Final Verdict

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