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iZombie Recap: “Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind”

Sending one Marshmallow latte to all you Fannibals out there.


If you read anything about last night’s iZombie episode before hand, you were probably anticipating an special guest appearance that would turn you into a Marshmallow all over again following Kristen Bell’s short, but sweet voice cameo.

You see, the promos stated that Enrico Colantoni (a.k.a. Keith Mars from Veronica Mars!!!) would be on the episode. Little did we know that the episode would be a literal platter of cameos! With a side of black-humoured coffee!


  • Opening shot? A disgusting plate of tainted Utopium-filled condoms that were disintegrated by stomach acid. Bold and the perfect set-up for ….
  • I have nothing to say about this shot of Ravi holding two sacks. Other than … look at this picture of Ravi holding two sacks and tell me what you don’t think.

iZombie - Baller Move

  • Between the above shot and the “cold cock” joke, this is a pretty dickish episode. (Sorry. Sorry. SORRY. But also not?)
  • But real talk, is this episode porn for coffee addicts, or what? I went out and got a fancy coffee immediately after finishing this recap. And, yes, I wanted that latte art. (Sorry, Oscar.)
  • Okay, when I say Oscar, I mean, Oscar Nuñez. You know, the actor who also played Oscar on The Office and played the guy running The Daily Grind in this episode. What a surprising, but welcome cameo. (If only he had a chance to dance as perfectly as Oscar did at Pam and Jim’s wedding.)

iZombie - Oscar Goes To

iZombie - Fannibal Instincts

  • Another surprising, but welcome cameo? Kacey Rohl, whom you may remember from Hannibal (she was Abigail Hobbs)! She played Cher (couldn’t confirm this spelling, but I’m assuming that’s it, right?), the daughter of Victim of the Week, Leslie, and also a cold-hearted killer.
  • “Oh, Star Wars! Right! I’ve never seen it!” – The kiss of death for Ravi and a whole lot of us (she says to the Rey bobblehead displayed proudly beside her bed)
  • Speaking of dork talk, this episode also features deep discussions of Dungeons and Dragons (courtesy of Boss!!), an I Dream of Jeannie nod and also a super nerdy moment where Blaine sings Procol Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale” (too clever?).

iZombie - Mars, Investigatin

  • Can we just talk about how great it is to see Enrico Colantoni back on our TVs (and as a detective, no less)? And as far as I understand, he’ll be back? It makes sense since he’s working with Drake to get intel about Boss (TWIST!). Speaking of Drake, this guy is damn well connected, huh? (Shout-out to those who helped out in explaining his established ties in the comments last week!)
  • You know who else will be back? Blaine! And in full-out rage zombie mode! Hands up if you can’t wait to see where this goes and if he attacks Leo DiCaprio (Revenant joke for y’all during Oscar week)? And also how damn far Liv goes with these Gilda/Rita threats? Shit has officially hit the fan, y’all and it’s gonna get way messy way fast.
  • This episode was written by Kit Boss (who also wrote “Method Head” as well as “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle” and “Astroburger” and “Liv and Let Clive”). No relation to Mr. Boss, I think?


  • Do I even need to mention the body shaming comments from Drake and Co.? What a weird, offensive set of throwaway lines that don’t need to exist.
  • Do I need to say it? NO PEYTON! AGAIN.
  • As far as I understand it, we’re not back with another episode until mid-March?! The next episode appears to be called “He Blinded Me with Science” and stills on the press site show Rose McIver in non-Liv mode (i.e. long hair, no pale make-up).

iZombie - Final Verdict

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Canadians can catch it on Shomi.

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