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It’s a Very Bad Time To Be a Weatherman Named ‘Andrew Tate’ Online

Chris Pratt, as Andy Dwyer, cringing on Parks and Recreation.

Sometimes, being a weatherman and being hated online does not have to do with your inaccurate weather forecasts. At least that’s what is happening to KLTV’s Andrew Tate. Since the popular rise of the grossly self-appointed Alpha Male known as Andrew Tate, people online have been ready to either yell at or support Tate and his beliefs. It just so happens that East Texas’ weatherman is also known as Andrew Tate. According to him, though, he’s not the boxer from TikTok.

This man was minding his business, tweeting the weather, when people have continued to reply to Tate’s tweets, in some way or another, about how he’s either not the “total g” (meaning the Andrew Tate that is … you know, a raging misogynist) or just assuming, since this is a verified account, that this is the Andrew Tate in question and going off on him.

Friendly local weather reporter Andrew Tate was just talking about thunderstorms and instead kept clearly getting compared to that Andrew Tate and shared the following tweet about it:

When you think about it, there’s a sad group of men online who have just had to make it their online persona to be like “No, not that one” not to come to weatherman-Tate’s aid but to clarify that he’s not their misogynist leader, and … it is kind of funny. This one goes out to you, Matt Gertz and Jeffrey Epstein (not that one). You three are just trying to be online, and yet your replies are as messy as mine when I decide to try to fight the bad Matt Walsh. (The good Matt Walsh is the one from Veep.)

Another reporter named Conner Beene shared the tweet, writing, “Y’all leave this man out of this nonsense.”

Don’t put the Andrew Tate curse on anyone

The thing is: Andrew Tate (the boxer/TikTok man) is horrible. He’s a horrific example of what repressed men do when they lash out at the idea of women being somewhat equal to them in any way. He’s building a legion of young male followers who would rather see him as some logical leader instead of recognizing that he’s spewing bullshit out into the world.

The tweet that got Tate to finally reply was someone else defending him against an account saying, “I don’t know who you are but you are not the top g and you should stop calling yourself Andrew Tate,” because I guess their logic is only one man can have a relatively common name?

It’s just a mess of a situation, and this comment alone does frighten me because does that mean that all Andrew Tates have to now worry about being called inferior because fans of this bad boxer who allegedly fled the country thinks he’s the Alpha?

Anyway, Andrew Tate from KLTV is a weather reporter, so you know he has it bad enough when he gets the weather wrong, so maybe let’s not also start yelling at him for things that don’t pertain to him. It’s bad enough having people get mad at you because it’s sunshining when he said it might be a light shower.

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