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It Turns Out the Famous Girlies Can’t Escape the ‘Momma’s Boy’ Curse, Either

Shakira at 2020 Superbowl.

Shakira seems to have really hit the jackpot with her ex-boyfriend, soccer player Gerard Piqué, because as if being a cheater wasn’t bad enough, it’s now being reported that the 36-year-old’s mother, yes, mother, helped him keep his affair a secret.

Now, in case you need a little background on the couple: They began seeing each other in 2011 and seemed very happy for many years, even welcoming two children. Though Shakira has said that she wouldn’t like to get hitched and that marriage “scares the shit out of me,” she did once refer to him as her husband.

The pair split last year, releasing an amicable statement and there being no real drama in terms of custody of their kids, but it has been reported that he cheated with a much younger woman in her early 20s, who he has now confirmed he is dating. Then, things started to get much more public when Shakira released a diss track called “Out of Your League” and then bizarrely put a witch on her balcony. The house is across the street from Piqué’s parents, and people assume it was aimed at his mother.

After releasing the diss track, there are now rumors that her “mother-in-law” helped her son see his mistress while he was still with Shakira, and all we have to say is, “What in the Sigmund Freud is this?”

A “momma’s boy” is defined by Google as “a boy or man who is excessively influenced by or attached to his mother.” Many women have talked about their boyfriend’s/husband’s mom’s sticking their noses in their business, disliking them, and just being downright horrible for the simple reason of their existence.

Having experienced that shit myself, I can say it’s not fun. Feeling like you’re in competition with the person that gave birth to someone is a very strange situation. It makes you feel small and inferior, as if you’re not good enough for their son, and whether or not your relationship works out in the end, you don’t deserve to feel like you are worthless.

Honestly, if the rumors are true, I’m so happy for Shakira living her best life rn.

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